Without traffic, your website could have the best content in the world that nobody knows about.

How To Increase Website Traffic

Without traffic, your website is an online paperweight

We often say that quality over quantity. When we are talking about the website traffic, this sentence does not make a sense anymore. Quality does not matter if no one sees or hear anything about your webpage. I have seen multiple good articles, and I have watched amazing YouTube videos when I have been doing my Internet research. Sometimes I have wondered why these people do not get more viewers to their pages, and simultaneously much worse article writers and YouTubers will get a lot more viewers to their pages. I think that they don’t know or don’t care how they could drive more traffic to their web pages. Probably they do not see the whole picture, and they have no idea how talented they are.

YouTube is a great example where talented small YouTubers will not get that popularity which they deserve. The reason for this is that they do not market their channel, they do not produce new content often enough, and they do not trust themselves. At the same time, some other YouTubers will come up with the same idea after they have copied it. Then they will produce an own video of the same content, and the only difference is that they will put some effort into work on how they will market the content. If you do not take the full potential out of your work, then someone else does it, and this is how things work in our world.

I think that the growing traffic in your webpage is a reward for hard work, and there are no shortcuts with this case. We will not get anything for free in this world, and the only way to get what we want is to work hard towards our goals. I have seen many people only publishing their articles, and then they wait that people just come and read their stories. I can say that things are not working that way. Everyone needs to get people around to succeed, and before that, it’s you who need to do the hard work. There is no-one who will share your works and ideas with the world before you have earned your status. At least not for free.

Without traffic, your website is nothing. It doesn't matter how attractive it is.
Without traffic, your website is like an exotic car that has no gas in the tank – it may be good to look at, but it isn’t going anywhere

How to drive quality traffic to your website?

There are hundreds of articles on the Internet which are telling you different ways to drive traffic to your webpage, but most of these methods are not very useful. The problem with most of the methods is that you need to do some favors to get traffic to your pages. One of the most popular ways to make page exchanges is social media, where you can ask people to visit your webpage, and for the return, you have to go visit their web pages. You can get some traffic if you use a lot of time for this method, but I do not think that is worth it. I think that the biggest problem is that these people are probably not interested in your content.

When I was researching my website traffic, I have noticed that 50% of the people from social media will never come to visit your web pages after I have visited their page. Then 25% of the people click my pages and close it after 2-4s. Is this quality traffic that I want to get my pages? Well, obviously it’s not, and for this kind of traffic, there is more harm than good when we are thinking about the website bounce rate. Why am I wasting my time if 75% of people do not even bother reading my articles for return after I have bees visited their page? The reason is the remaining 25% of people, who prove to be trustworthy by reading my article after I have read their articles. Most likely not many of them are interesting about our video game projects, but this is the first step to looking at trustworthy people in our community.

The idea behind this all is that my webpage will be working as a filter. I do not want to get that 2-4s traffic to our game websites, so it’s better than this traffic is coming to my site first. I believe that this method will help us to get quality traffic to our game site because most likely people who are not interested will not come to visit the game site. I think that the importance of this method will be smaller when we get things running, and some visibility our projects. However, when we create something new on the Internet, it’s necessary to get good rank in SEO as soon as possible.

Other ways to drive traffic to your page for free?

I’ve been trying to drive traffic to my website in many different ways, and one of the methods has been automatic website traffic pages. I don’t see that these automatic traffic exchange pages are an effective way to drive traffic to my page. Sure, I will get free traffic, but what is the point of traffic if no-one sees your content? Maybe this will work for some purposes when the only idea is to drive a massive amount of traffic to one site. Manual traffic exchange sites are a little better option because people need to click the pages manually, but I do not think these sites are worthy of my time. I also notice that some of the pages are full of malicious software so I would not recommend using these automatic or manual website traffic pages without the good anti-virus program.

There are hundreds of ways how you can drive traffic to your webpage, and so far this is one of the best articles that I’ve found so far. I wanted to take this article as an example because as usual when you are promoting someone else’s content you will be paid for it, or you will get something back for it. I can say that I will not get paid or I will not get any favors back to this promotion. I like the content of the article, and it’s useful to me, so I can not see any problem in sharing it. I think that it is the most important thing is to find the niche, no matter what you are writing. After you have found something useful, fun or fascinating to write, and you will notice that people are beginning to share your content without asking for anything back you are on the right track.

The biggest problem with the promoting your content, and getting more traffic to your page is the time what you need to sacrifice for this work. Producing new content should be only thing what we should do because its simply best way to get more traffic, but things are not that simple. If you’ve ever wondered why famous YouTubers and bloggers can produce so much new content so fast the simple reason is that they can focus 100% of the writing new content. They have not earned their position for free, and they have done this same job before what we are doing right now. Sometimes when I will see my friends sharing content, I will try to find out why this person is sharing this content. This way I have been able to find out the reasons why the people are sharing the content. Now I need to learn to produce similar content when I’m preparing to market our video games in the future. Thank you for reading this article, and feel free to push the share button if you liked my posts.


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