Positive Thinking Is Key To Peaceful Living

This update will be different. Maybe I have been working too much recently. I don’t know. It just feels like I haven’t given enough time to myself, and my thoughts are mixed up.

There is a saying that if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Life is not perfect, but we still expect it to be that. And when expecting that, we can forget what we already have and how good our lives are.

Then, why are so many people feeling overwhelmed or unwell?

There are several different reasons for this, and there is not just one answer for explaining this. However, each case has a uniting factor: Everything that causes us to feel bad has happened in the past.

Before we can overcome this bad feeling, we must accept that the past is gone, and we can not change what is already happened. We should take the positive things from the past and try to learn from our mistakes. We all make mistakes, and we should not be afraid of mistakes. We should learn from mistakes and develop ourselves into better people.

It’s not an easy thing to do. I am not good at this either. I have learned to handle these things better this year after I learned to put things into perspective. Before that, I got easily caught up in irrelevant things. I wasn’t that positive, more like a pessimist. But, indeed, a pessimist is never disappointed.

Which changed my thinking?

The war in Ukraine changed me. I have a good friend there that I have known for ten years. Since the start of the war, we have talked almost every day. I admire him for being able to be so positive in the middle of all that horror. I helped him to the best of my ability by gathering information about Russian movements, especially at the beginning of the war when he was still living in Kharkiv with his family.

I remember like it was yesterday when Russia was about to start bombing Kharkiv, and I wrote to him that “It starts now, take your family to safety NOW”, and soon I got an answer from him, “Man, don’t worry, we just arrived at the Dnipro”. I was happy when they were safe, but unfortunately, there were others left behind. They weren’t so lucky. 🙁

This event opened my eyes. My problems were non-existent compared to the destroyed homes, dead friends, and the constant fear and uncertainty of tomorrow. I was wondering that if this guy can be so positive in the middle of all of this madness, then what the heck is wrong with me that I cant do the same here.

Happy midsummer to you all, and remember to enjoy life.

See you soon, thanks!


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Get One Step Closer to Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom Dream

In May 2018, I wrote about my financial freedom dreams, and this dream still exists today. I am still far away that this dream could come true, but now years later, steps are taken in the right direction. 

It is a bit funny to read my old blog post and see now that I can express the content of the whole article in 5 lines.

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We can not know if tomorrow is our last day.

We never know what tomorrow has decided for us.

Succeeding in different things can depend on small things, whether we succeeded or not. The same comes to our lives, that sometimes all can due on the small events, and we never know for sure that do we see tomorrow or is this our last day. It is better to live our lives one day at a time and enjoy each of our days like those would be our last ones.

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First Games With The Own Game Engine

How to gain visibility to our video games without drowning in the darkness?

I have been thinking about this question for a long time. Since we started planning our first game ideas with my good friend HappyLittleRat back in 2014, this is the question that has mostly bothered my mind. In past years, I have followed several game developers and followed how their games have drowned in the mass of video games. Especially in mobile games, but also in PC games, it is a big challenge to get the game visible as there is all the time coming to a lot of new games in the market. Separation of your game from the mass is more easily said than done.

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The Game of Stocks Picking

How to master Game of Stocks?

I have always been good with games. Not because I would be smarter or better than other players, but because I have been willing to sacrifice more time and see more effort to master the game better than other players. I am a very competitive person, and I hate losing. Hundreds, if not thousands, of video game players, have proved my desire to win in various games. Whatever it takes has been my attitude to be the best.

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New goal, a new milestone!

Hello World!

It’s milestonemonger here and it’s time to reach another milestone!

The last year 2020 has gone by too fast and even I haven’t written anything here, there hasn’t been any single week I wouldn’t have thought about writing a blog. All the time I had a feeling, that I have something to tell, but I haven’t found a way how to express myself.

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