Hashtags are a very powerful way to get more followers on Twitter.

Twitter Follow To Get Followers

Follower to follow a game on Twitter

I started to build my social network around my gaming nickname Milestonemonger a few months ago, and Twitter was my first social platform where I started on this journey. Although I have never used Twitter before, still hundreds of people started to follow me. I had over 1 000 followers, but now I have found myself in the situation where I have lost over 50% of my followers. But what happened? In this post, I’ll tell you what went wrong. Or did it?

Twitter has close to 300 million active users, and there are over 500 million new tweets every day. Twitter is very simple to use, and even though I had never used Twitter in the past, I got a feeling pretty quickly that this is the right platform to get started to build a social network from scratch. After a few tweets, I noticed that people started to follow me, and an after few days they unfollow my account. I found out quickly that they want me to follow them back, and this way grows their visibility on the Twitter. After a while, I thought about this follow to get followed game, before I decided to follow back everyone who followed my account first. This method brought quite fast results, and soon I notice that over 100 people are following my account.

My next step was beginning to study that how I could get more followers, who share the same interest in the video games, so I started to follow other gamers, game developers, and game sites. My purpose is to get more visibility for our games on social media in the future, and for that, I need to create own targeted group of the people who share the same interest about the video games. The more people started to follow me, the farther away I went from my goals because people who started to follow me didn’t share the same interest in the video games. Then I found myself in the situation, where I had more than a thousand followers, but when I tweeted something, or I shared my new blog post I felt like I was tweeting with myself. For several weeks, I was asking for myself, “Do I really want to build this kind of community?”

You cannot buy loyal Twitter followers with money.
“The only way to do the right in social media is to get one person at a time interested in you and your ideas. There are no shortcuts, and you cannot buy loyal followers with money.”

Follow game is over!

One of our main ideas is to build a community, where players and game developers are working together with the new game projects.  We want to bring players closer to our game development than ever before in the game industry, and this follows to get followed game does not serve this purpose. That is why I decided about a week ago to remove all my follows on Twitter. Twitter is a very effective platform to gather information, but this follows to follow game will completely spoil this purpose. One option would have been muted all my followers, which do not provide me with useful information. I know many people are doing this, but this method would also be against my principles. Why are people even playing this follow to get followed game?

The main reason is that people are lazy. Building a social network from scratch needs a lot of work. The only way to do the right in social media is to get one person at a time interested in you and your ideas. There are no shortcuts, and you cannot buy loyal followers with money, but I understand the principle of why people are playing this follow to get followed game. If you don’t care about the information that Twitter could offer, and your only goal is to gain more visibility, then this method works for you. When you have more followers, you will get more visibility, and your tags are more powerful. I believe that this method will need at least 100,000 followers before it begins to be an effective way to share your messages.

How can I get more followers on Twitter?

Because I want to gather useful information through Twitter, and I want to know my followers, I cannot give an easy answer to this question. However, I think that I have found a pretty clear idea of how I can build my social network, but it needs a lot of time and effort. I need to begin producing more content and write more about our games, and ideas for the people. In short, I need to tweet more and make schedules when I’m tweeting. I also believe that answering all comments that you get, and linking all social media accounts together had a positive impact on visibility. There are also dozens of articles on the Internet that tell how you should write your tweets, but I don’t think that many of these tips are very useful. My opinion is that the most important thing is that your tweets look like you have written them. Visual images and videos are a good way to get more visibility, and also do not forget the power of hashtags. Everything else is more or less useful, which I think is just fine tuning.

Usually, people only use one or two social platforms to get their information about what they want, and that’s why I need to begin to use other platforms as well. My goal will be to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Discord, and Twitch in the future. However, I still need to remember that I cannot be mastering these all together. I have noticed that many people are making mistakes there when they are trying to master too many platforms at the same time. Then they have found themselves in a situation where they have done a lot of work, but they have not got any platform to work. For this reason, I must set clear goals for myself in which order I will build a social network because it will not work if I will try mastering everything together before any platform gets windy in the sails. Thank you for reading this article, and feel free to push the Twitter follow button if you liked my posts, and you will want to get more information about our game projects in the future.


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