Get One Step Closer to Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom Dream

In May 2018, I wrote about my financial freedom dreams, and this dream still exists today. I am still far away that this dream could come true, but now years later, steps are taken in the right direction. 

It is a bit funny to read my old blog post and see now that I can express the content of the whole article in 5 lines.

How to become financially independent?

1. Do not spend more money than you earn.

2. Save some of your money, but also remember to enjoy your life.

3. Invest the money you save and put the money to work for you.

4. Do not lose the money you invest.

5. Develop yourself and the four points I mentioned above. 

If this is so easy, then why isn’t everyone financially independent? 

The biggest problems for most of us are to reach financial freedom:

1. How to make enough money that it would also be enough for savings?

2. How to keep life in balance to be able to save more money?

3. How to invest money forward and not lose it?

4. What is ultimately the goal of getting yourself financially independent?

Let’s go deeper into these questions, and hopefully, I can help you by gathering my thoughts together.  

Here we go!

Question 1: How to make enough money that it would also be enough for savings?

There are a limited number of hours per day, and none of us can work more than we can. Our life should be more than just work and money, and each of us needs to walk our path to resolve this question. 

I struggled with this question for a long time. I tried and explored different options, but nothing seemed to work. I went through several dozen options on how I could make extra money. Each path that I followed ended in a dead-end or would have required a lot of work that would not have been worth it. There would be plenty to write on this topic, but I will save them for my future blog posts, and I will focus next on these choices that work for me.

My sources of income are:

1. My monthly salary and yearly share bonus for my daily job.

2. Gains and dividends from my equity investments.

All other paths have ended in a dead-end.

One new path to earn an income could be to set up a holding company with my brother. However, this idea is still on the planning table atm.

Now someone who has read my earlier blog writings is probably wondering, how about these game ideas? Shouldn’t these produce good income if the game succeeds? 

Of course, this is possible, and revenue streams are needed from games to make bigger and better games in the future. However, I do not include this in my own goals. Money is not what I aim for or what motivates me to develop games. Money is a tool for us, and it allows us to do different tasks better and faster in the future. 

I have a dream to be part of creating games that are different than current video games, and which can change our thinking the gaming forever. Of course, I have nothing against receiving extra income if that is possible in the future. Honestly, I do not think about money at all when I work on our game projects, and as I said before, money is the tool that allows us to create new things in the future.

How about blog posts, could there be a revenue stream? 

Perhaps this picture is enough to answer this question. 

My blogging ad revenues between 2018 – 2021.

Sure, anything is always possible, but this blog works for a way to bring my thoughts together. I am not seeking income streams with this writing. 

Question 2: How to keep life in balance to be able to save more money? 

We all struggle with this question daily, more or less, and many people do not even have the opportunity to save anything. I fully understand how difficult this can be, and as a father, I have noticed that there are constantly becoming some extra expenses.

Then some people stretch every penny and save everything where it is possible. We live only once, and we will not get our money with us when our time has come to an end on this planet. (At the moment of writing, Elon Musk has not yet established a colony for Mars.) 

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we can never know what tomorrow will bring when it comes, and that’s why we should enjoy every day like it would be our last one. Finding a way to save money and keep it in balance with life is not easy, and very few of us can stay on that golden middle road. Luckily, every day we have a new opportunity to improve ourselves. 

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.” -Warren Buffet

Question 3: How to invest money forward and not lose it?

I have been invested my money for years in stocks, so it took a moment to think about this question. Many of us have never invested in the stock market, and the idea of investing our money could be scary.

I do not recommend anyone investing directly in stocks if you are not willing to understanding how the value of stocks is determined, and put some effort and follow the companies. It also does not make sense to keep money in a bank account, as our interest rates are close to 0, and inflation is constantly eating up the value of cash.

How to invest then? 

It is good to remember that if someone promises you a quick return on invest some assets, it is probably a scam. Also, when the media highlight some huge returns of some investment items, it is most likely too late to start investing in these items. Each of us is are responsible for our investment, and I cannot give a direct answer to this question. However, I can only tell you how I invest myself. 

I am investing directly in stocks, and this topic is so close to my heart that I could talk the whole day about my investments and strategy. The way I invest for my children could better suit all of you who are unwilling or unable to spend a lot of time following directly stock market.

The plan for how I save for my kids is simple.

– I have selected three separate low-cost index funds which to save. 

– I do not care if the market goes up or down, and on the first weekday of every month, I invest this same amount of money in all three index funds.

– If the market goes down -10%, I will add extra monthly money to funds and repeat this after every -10% index level drop.

– The investment horizon is over 15 years, and I will not sell funds before that. After that, my kids can do what they want with their money. 

Let the time be your friend, not your enemy.

“Someone is sitting in the shade of a tree today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” -Warren Buffet

Question 4: What is ultimately the goal of getting yourself financially independent?

I am afraid that we will never have clear answers to this question. Every person’s needs are different to reach financial freedom. Some people need more to be financially independent, and some other people will be needing less than some other people. Price levels in many different countries are also very different, so we can not compare any amount of money between different countries.

My own financially independent targets are that I would not need to continue my daily work after I am over 60 years old, and my income stream maintains my current standard of living. My dream is a house next to the sea or lake-shores, far away from the big cities, and where I can spend my retirement days in peace.

Luckily, I still have around 20 years left to reach my goals. 🙂

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See you soon, thanks!


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We can not know if tomorrow is our last day.

We never know what tomorrow has decided for us.

Succeeding in different things can depend on small things, whether we succeeded or not. The same comes to our lives, that sometimes all can due on the small events, and we never know for sure that do we see tomorrow or is this our last day. It is better to live our lives one day at a time and enjoy each of our days like those would be our last ones.

I do not usually follow football (Soccer), but yesterday I had a chance to watch the European Championship football match Denmark against Finland, in which Finland won 1-0.

Why was this game so special?

I do not know if I have mentioned before that I come from Finland, and this football match against Denmark yesterday was the first major football tournament game ever in Finnish history. However, during the game, something even bigger happened. Something bigger than Finland’s first major football game or victory. Something which stopped millions of people from thinking about their life.  

What happened then in that game?

After 42 minutes of the game, Danish striker Christian Eriksen suffered a heart attack and fall to the ground. No one knew what had happened, whether he was alive, and what would happen next. Luckily, he survives, but the incident certainly stopped thousands of people from wondering about the event. I am one of those people.

There are some things in our life, which we can not influence, and we never know what the future is bringing to us. After events like this, the daily-based worries feel insignificant. I think it is better to live our lives day by day, and not worry about tomorrow, but I know it is not that simple. We humans easily worry too much about the small things, and because of that, we easily forget to enjoy the little joys of our lives.

Just remember to enjoy your life, and do not worry about things you can not influence. We never know what tomorrow has decided for us.

See you soon, thanks!


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First Games With The Own Game Engine

How to gain visibility to our video games without drowning in the darkness?

I have been thinking about this question for a long time. Since we started planning our first game ideas with my good friend HappyLittleRat back in 2014, this is the question that has mostly bothered my mind. In past years, I have followed several game developers and followed how their games have drowned in the mass of video games. Especially in mobile games, but also in PC games, it is a big challenge to get the game visible as there is all the time coming to a lot of new games in the market. Separation of your game from the mass is more easily said than done.

The gaming industry is very competitive, and if you do not have the name or resources to promote your game, you are in a difficult situation. Sudden enrichment and the ease of getting started make many try their luck, but few understand what it takes to make a good game. I also did not know that back in the days. I was naive about how the games made good games, and I did not see how much effort it need after all. The last five years have gone fast. When I look back at the past, the amount of new information has been unbelievable that I have learned in these years. However, I still feel that I have just scratched the surface, and I have much to learn. It Looks like the saying “more you know, less you understand” holds behind the words.

An old friend of mine, HappyLittleRat started writing his game engine around the same time in 2015, and that workload has been mindless what he has done over the years. I have been privileged to follow his development of all-day work with the engine. Things have not always gone as we originally had planned. However, without mistakes and failures, we would not be in the situation where we are now. I can not describe his work ethic enough, but I do not think that there are not many coders on his level in the world. I am sure that work with the own engine will be rewarded in the future when we get to build more new games with it.

It is good to remember those game ideas are free, and ideas have no value before games are in the market, and players like them. We have gone through many awesome game ideas, which I would like to talk more about in the future. Sadly we do not have enough resources to implement our best ideas. It has been painful to follow some other game studios to implement similar ideas and be successful with those. It just tells us how fierce the competition is in this industry, but our time will come. We need to keep up the good work, continue to develop our ideas and try to be one step ahead of our competitors in the future.

Before I go to our current game project, I would like to present our first game, Defusal.

This game has been the first game in which development I have been taking part, and it has offered me a lot of valuable experience. This game is also proof that our game engine is working and has got something done. Even it is a simple puzzle game, it has proven to be an addictive game for those who like to play mine games like minesweeper.

I am excited about our current game project because this will be something different we have been planing before. The idea is simple, where the player can build an automation line and optimizes production. The idea is to produce a different kind of pieces as efficiently as possible with the available material. I hope we can share more information about this game project soon.

Perhaps you understand now better why I am thinking about this “how to gain visibility in our games?” question all the time. Sadly I don’t have to offer a clear answer, because we are still struggling with this question. I think the main thing is that we will produce quality games that do not have many bugs. I think the quality is the key to establish a trust that we can create good games now and in the future.

I welcome you to join our Discord server to download and test our first game for free:

See you soon, thanks!

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Welcome to follow@ HappyLittleRat’s work with his game engine and new game project on Twitch.

The Game of Stocks Picking

How to master Game of Stocks?

I have always been good with games. Not because I would be smarter or better than other players, but because I have been willing to sacrifice more time and see more effort to master the game better than other players. I am a very competitive person, and I hate losing. Hundreds, if not thousands, of video game players, have proved my desire to win in various games. Whatever it takes has been my attitude to be the best.

But this game of stock picking was not a typical game I was used to in video games. It took some time to understand how to play this game and understand the fact in this game that I am not competing against other investors. In this game, I have only two opponents which to fight. The first one is Mr. Index, and the second one is yourself.

In this game, I had to leave my strength areas and create a strategy. My way would have been a lot easier if I was investing my money in index funds. Would I change anything if I could choose again? No! I would not because, despite all the effort, I have learned an enormous amount of new useful information.

Although I have been doing this for years, I will regularly learn new things and ideas. There is not an end game in this game. I also need to be careful with all the information, because recently the amount of information and new ideas has exploded. Social media, Youtube, and various forums are full of new investors who are full of self-confidence. I am not surprised by that because the past year has been great for many investors. I am just worried about where this is all leading.

I do not want to go deeper now to go through my strategy of how I invest. I will do it another time. Also, I don’t want to start telling you how you should make your investments or give tips because I can be just as wrong as right. Every person has a responsibility for where they invest their money, and in the end, they can blame only themselves if they make bad investments. For this reason, I have been concerned about the current trend when new investors are buying shares without even basic research of the companies.

I have no idea where the current market is going. I am afraid that at some point the history will repeat itself. How to prepare for the changing market environment in the future? This one is a good question which I will be writing more about in the future, but in short, my strategy is that I’m ready for anything whatever may happen. I am confident that my portfolio will perform well in the future, even if the market momentarily collapses. Whatever happens, I try to stick to my strategy.

When I am researching the different companies, my main idea is that their stocks are more valuable in the future than they are today. I also keep in mind that I’m not buying a stock price but the business itself. Stock prices are all the time moving and are also greatly influenced by external factors in the market. However, if the company’s business is growing, the stock course will usually follow it sooner or later. For this reason, I will try to always invest in a great business with a longer perspective.

Internet is full of these “buy this stock and do this” blogs, and I do not want to start writing what you should do or not do. I want to write about my views and thoughts, and I hope these can help you make better choices in the stock market. It is good to remember that when someone offers you easy money, it is usually a scam.



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New goal, a new milestone!

Hello World!

It’s milestonemonger here and it’s time to reach another milestone!

The last year 2020 has gone by too fast and even I haven’t written anything here, there hasn’t been any single week I wouldn’t have thought about writing a blog. All the time I had a feeling, that I have something to tell, but I haven’t found a way how to express myself.

Almost every day I go through huge amounts of information. Gaming stuff, gaming ideas, researching different companies for investment purposes, the stock market in general, World politics and events, technology, etc. I’m addicted to information, researching, and studying new subjects.

My original purpose has been to start writing a blog about games and my development in game development. This goal is still progressing slowly, but surely. However, I have noticed to strayed to a side path. I found myself working in the IT sector for one big giant in the industry almost every day. I have also found myself spending a lot more of my free time researching the stock market and companies. After combining these all to the family life with the kids, I start to feel like there arent enough hours in the day.

I know that I do way too much work, but I can not stop now. I’m beginning to feel like I’m just getting started! I have a strong feeling that I could do something bigger or at least help someone else make better choices in their life with the information that I have learned during the years.

Now it’s time to turn the next page in the story and get to work.



The More You Learn, The Less You Know

It has been a while when I have been writing a blog post last time. It’s funny when I think about it because last year there is not that kind of week that I’m not thinking about the writing. I maybe have been too busy with work, family, and other things. I don’t know. I maybe have been focus too much to learn something new, and now I notice that I’m processing too many things. Somehow I feel like more I learn, less I know.

I should notice that it’s not that easy to get people to understand things the same way that I’m thinking about.

Game ideas are good examples of those because very few people have similar experiences about the gaming that I had because everyone had their path of how they see and play the games. When I write something, I should also find a way how to explain it to the people. When people read the text, they will create their thought about it. I am have been too often waiting for people to see things in the same way as myself. How could they do that if I didn’t tell them what I was thinking?

Let’s make an example.

”I have a beautiful cottage next to the beach.”

If in my head the cottage is red and it’s next to the lake how the reader can know is the cabin next to the lake, sea or river? How can he/she ever guess what color the cottage is?

I need to learn to explain it.

”I have a beautiful red cottage next to the lake beach.”

When I write ideas down, those small things can make a huge difference. I think it’s not just me. If we all would focus on these small things when we explain something, we would maybe avoid a lot of misunderstandings.



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