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Mastering online marketing is not easy

I have always been bad at marketing and selling anything, and I have been envious of people who can make it look like so easy. However, things have changed since the Internet is giving us new kind of opportunities for online marketing. It has opened a whole new kind of possibility for people like me to do business in online.

The Internet is growing so fast that now days almost everyone is using the Internet to find information. Every day, people spend more time on the Internet, and they’re already changing how we live and work. I think that this is not a good change for us, but unfortunately, we can do not anything to stop this train. However, This will open us thousands and thousands different online marketing ideas and strategies. Twenty years ago, people already said that the Internet is here to stay, and it will revolutionize the way we do business. I believe that this change will only get stronger years to come, and big companies such as Amazon will keep growing because the e-commerce marketing is still in its growth stage. In this digital era, starting an online business is easier than ever, but also more competitive than ever.

The best advantage of online marketing is convenience.

“Big companies such as Amazon will keep growing because the e-commerce marketing is still in its growth stage.”

The first thing I need to understand that, I need to build own brand before I can begin marketing anything. A good example is this article, which you are reading right now. If you go to Google and write my article text there, you will get better search results for this subject. Can I compete with them with their rules? I can not. I need to play my own game. If I would play their game by their rules, I have already lost that game. The only way I can separate from the gray mass is that I will produce own content. While I’m writing down my thoughts to my content, it will make it unique. It still does not mean anything, but at least I know that no-one else can’t compete with my thoughts. The same principle works in marketing and advertising as well. I think that the most important thing is to be familiar with your product and be honest.

Karl Fazer Blue (Marianne) Peppermint Crisps in Milk Chocolate Bar

If you like peppermint you will love this peppermint crisps milk chocolate. I am a huge fan of peppermint and Marianne brand. I usually buy them as candy, but this chocolate is also one of my favorite chocolates. Made in Finland

Know your product before you write about it

And what would be a better example than chocolate what I’m eating at the moment? The product has made in my home country, so I know the background of it if I need that information when I’m doing the marketing. The main problem with this product is that it’s not my own product. If someone buys this chocolate bar from Amazon using my affiliate link I receive a small commission. Amazon pays 1 – 10% commission rewards depending on the products. For this product, I would get 4% commission reward, if someone buys it through my affiliate link. When the price of a product is 5$, then we can quickly count that one chocolate bar commission reward is 0,2$. If we imagine a situation where I got 10 000 visitors to my webpage, and one percent of them will buy this chocolate bar, how much I will earn? The answer is only 20$ even the total sum of the sales is 500$. This is the difference between your product and someone else’s product when you are doing online marketing.

However, we are on the right track. I think that the first mistake what people make in marketing is that they do not know what they are selling to the people. Only a few of us are so skilled at selling that they would be able to sell anything to anyone, without knowing anything about their product. Most of us do not have this skill, so we have to build our brand around the people trust. The best way to earn people’s trust is, to be honest with them. Before you can be completely honest with people, you have to learn everything about the products which you are trying to sell for them. I’m not good at marketing anything, but I can see how people like you and me can make this work by using this method. Nowadays the Internet offers new opportunities for people, which were not possible before.

Affiliate marketing is a good step to start the business

The Internet is full of the different ideas how you can make affiliate marketing and earn money. Starting affiliate marketing is free, but it needs a lot of work and patience to generate sales. However, it is good to remember that when you are doing affiliate marketing, you are doing work for someone else. But if you do not have own product to offer to the people, then this is a good step to start the online business. Affiliate marketing is an excellent option for me to practice and learn more about the secrets of the online marketing. My goal is to offer own video games in the future to the people, but first I should learn how to implement the online marketing.

DJI Phantom 4 PRO Professional Drone

By selling over 200 chocolate bars, I will earn the same commission reward than selling this drone above once. 

When you are doing affiliate marketing, you should pay attention to how much is your commission reward for different products. In a previous example, I imagine a situation where I got 10 000 visitors to my webpage, and one percent of them will buy this chocolate bar. It meant that 100 customers bought the product and my commission reward was 20$. What if only one person of these 10 000 visitors (0,01%) will buy this drone above through my affiliate link? The price of this product is $1,375,00, and Amazon offers me 3% commission reward for this drone. That means if I can sell even one drone, my commission reward will be 41,25$ which is half more than in the previous example. The Internet is full of the different affiliate programs, but not all of them are worth your time. After all, you are only an employee who does the selling, and the product owner will collect the biggest reward. Thank you for reading this article, and feel free to push the follow button on the right if you liked my posts.


Online marketing is a long-term investment

When I’m planning to write new articles, I know that I should always do the keyword research first, and identify the keyword that can bring me the most traffic. Then the first question will be that, how can I find the right content marketing keywords? I have not given these much thoughts before because I feel like I’m losing my mind and the whole idea when I am trying to build everything around the one keyword. I have previously written my articles first, and after that, I have done the keyword research. Now I decided to try something new I chose the keyword before I started to write my article, and let’s see how this will work.

First thing what I need to do is making sure that my keyword is in the title, and the first 50 words.  The heading should also contain keywords, and search terms. I don’t feel comfortable to start writing my articles like this, but this is how the expert says you need to do. I think that its very good to have those keywords in a topic, in heading tag, and in the 1st 50 words, but I disagree that you should start writing your article around the keywords. Well, I’m, not an expert, but my opinion is that keywords should support your content, not the other way around. I think it would be better to focus your content quality than writing your article around the trend keywords. Trends are constantly changing and evolving, but your article remains on your site as long as that site exists. Remember that everything you write on the Internet stays there forever. The keyword you choose today doesn’t have to be trendy now, but it may be very popular keyword tomorrow. You can never know what the future will bring, and if you are trying to follow the trend, you are already late.

Earlier, I could not even think that it would matter if I add some pictures to my articles. I was thinking that I will keep my blog clean, and I will never add ugly images like this one below. What I did not know back then, was that search engines are reading my image file names, and image tags. I’m pretty sure that many people don’t know about it, and I was surprised also when I first read about it. I don’t think that it does not make a big difference if you have pictures added or not, but images would give you small extra slots where you can add your keywords. The most important thing is that your pics are expressing your content or what you are trying to say. Keyword visibility is a just extra thing, not the reason for adding images.

Online marketing is key to businesses.

Search engines are checking your image file names, and IMG7593727 is a pretty good name, but maybe not the best word when you are an optimizing your web pages.

Great content is key to success

English is not my native language, and in fact, it’s my third language after Finnish and Swedish. For this reason, I’m still doing spelling mistakes and wrong word choices. However, some of the mistakes are made on purpose, and I have an idea behind it. Why would I make those mistakes on purpose? The reason is Google and the other search engines. I believe that search engines like the content, which contains popular phrases and words.  For example, when I started writing this article, I was wondering if I should say “I selected the keyword” which Google gave 11 900 search results or “I chose the keyword”  which Google gave 15 200 search results. I like to mix the words, which have the same meaning as you can see from the text below the picture I did not want to use just one word when I was talking about the picture, so I was using three different ways to express the same thing. I know that my words do not always fit together, but I don’t want to use the same kind of words over and over again in my article. I also believe that search engines like the content which do not repeat the same words, and that’s why I like to mix different words which mean the same thing.

Now I’m slowly reaching my target to write over the 800-word article for two different reasons. The first reason is that search engines like the articles which had enough content, the second reason is that I want to keep people on my page more than 60 seconds to decrease my website bounce rate. However, the most important thing is my content, and how often I write new articles. None of the things above don’t work if my content is not good enough or I will not produce new content.  I have to trust myself and that what I’m doing. Great things will take time, and there are two ways of making things work for you. You can do it fast, or you can do it right. There is no shortcut here to success, and it will take time to actually see any results.

I have written over 800 words now about marketing, without trying to sell anything. When I have written about the marketing and keywords, I should learn to attach some products with this kind of articles. Like this, and praise it as a perfect keyword researcher in the world, even though I have no idea of the product. Maybe I am too honest to sell anything, and most likely I wouldn’t know how to sell water in the Sahara desert. Maybe that is not a bad thing, to be honest, but I just need to learn my own way to do the business.  I  still have a lot of time to practice marketing before its time to sell my own products, and I will continue on this subject in my next article. Thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!

How can I stop struggling with my writing?

Before I started blogging again, I made a plan for myself that after the tenth article, I will take the next step, and I will begin to gather the information together about online marketing. Now, after the ninth article, I am really struggling with writing. I feel like I’m not getting anything done. At the same time, I feel the pressure that I need to write more, and I feel like I have lost my motivation. I feel like it does matter what I do, I am not making any progress. But I’m not ready to give up yet, and in fact, I have experienced all of this before.

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Memories can change our way of seeing

Watching my kids playing on the playground with other kids reminds me of my own childhood and how carefree everything was back then. The other kids didn’t care how I dressed or looked, they didn’t care how to perform at school or how much money my parents had. However, they did care about how I felt or they always asked me to play with them. If something change in our neighborhood they noticed the change and they were talking about it. I had a happy childhood and I know I’m lucky to be able to say that. As we grow up, we slowly begin, to see the world’s harsh realities.

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You can easily think that financial freedom is only for the rich, but truthfully speaking, everyone can make their own investment towards financial freedom. No matter where you live or how much you earn money. After all, it’s all about the choices you made and how you are choosing to live. The first step is simple, you just need to save more money and spend less of it. I know that is not an easy goal for everyone and I’m struggling with this as well. Every day I need to make small sacrifices to save money, which can be used to improve our lives in the future. Read Full Article