I am struggling with writing and blogging.

Stop Struggling With Yourself

How can I stop struggling with my writing?

Before I started blogging again, I made a plan for myself that after the tenth article, I will take the next step, and I will begin to gather the information together about online marketing. Now, after the ninth article, I am really struggling with writing. I feel like I’m not getting anything done. At the same time, I feel the pressure that I need to write more, and I feel like I have lost my motivation. I feel like it does matter what I do, I am not making any progress. But I’m not ready to give up yet, and in fact, I have experienced all of this before.

When people start blogging, most of them think that it will be an easy way to earn some extra money. They also think that it won’t take a lot of time, but they generally have no idea what they are actually doing or what they want to achieve. Self-confidence shines through the first articles, and the number of visitors is growing mostly because the people around you are curious to know what you are doing. Then slowly, you will start noticing that writing is not that easy as it seems. Most likely you have used your best topics, and you are struggling to find new subjects to write. It does not help the situation that visitors on your site are not really interested in what you have to offer for them, and your website’s traffic is going slowly down.

This is the main reason why people stop writing their blogs, and it usually happens after the first month or after the tenth article. That is pretty sad because they have already crossed the most difficult part of blogging. The only thing what they should do is to just relax and continue to write more content, but I remember it very well that it’s not so easy if you have lost your confidence. This was exactly what happened to me when I was trying to write my first blog in the past. It is funny to see how things go the same way as before, and as I expected them to go.  This time I’m not giving up, and actually I have been waiting for this moment since I started to write a blog, and now it’s time to take the next step.

Stop struggling is like trying to stop breathing.
“If you are trying to achieve something for the wrong reasons it will usually not end well.”

Struggling is not bad thing

I knew this moment would come when I am struggling with writing, and I feel like I don’t get anything done. I expected that I could have written a few articles more before the next step, but things don’t always go as planned. In general, when people are trying to achieve something for the wrong reasons it will does not end well. Blogging every day won’t necessarily make you a better blogger if you have not found your own niche. The Internet is also full of copycats who are trying to exploit somebody else’s great ideas, and YouTubers are a good example. When someone finds a way to produce something new it does not take long before someone else is trying to copy that idea. Blogging does not make a difference with this problem. I have tried that, and I had a really interesting topic, but when you are competing with the others it’s not enough that you do well. You have to be one of the best in what you do to be successful if you do not figure out your niche by yourself.

My whole purpose of writing a blog is to improve myself and learn from my mistakes. My goal is to produce my own game ideas in the future. Blogging is my tool to really dig deep, and lift the process of learning to a new level. When I begin to write this blog, I thought the first ten articles would be good to write my own thoughts and feelings. I wrote about different topics, and I can see it now why I should have listened to the more experienced bloggers who advise staying on one topic. In my case, that does not matter because I wanted to produce different content so that I could study, and explore it later. But if you are a new blog writer like me, I would recommend you to stay on one topic. People come to your website to read your articles, and they most likely check only 1-4 pages per session. They are probably searching for information on a specific matter, and if you have not more than one article which provides this information, then these people will probably never come back again to your website.

Now I need to keep in mind that I’m blogging to myself. I need to follow my plan and continue improving my skills to be ready for future challenges. There are no shortcuts to success, and I just need to write more content and learn about it. Struggling with the writing is not a bad thing. It’s all about, how I deal with the struggle and that makes the biggest difference.


8 thoughts on “Stop Struggling With Yourself

  1. Admittedly, I went through a period (around 3 months of blogging) where I felt like giving up. I reached out to a support group of fellow bloggers in my niche and they were amazing. So much encouragement. They reminded me why I started to begin with and it breathed new life into me. Thanks for the further encouragement

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  2. I found what you had to say about blogging interesting. I have never worried much about the statistics. I write to understand my thoughts, explore ideas, make new friends, improve fluency and expression. I guess we all have different goals, different expectations.
    All I can say is don’t give up! Even when you feel as though you’re not making progress, you are in fact learning the skill of persistence. A most essential ability is stickability.

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  3. Interesting idea and good advice. I’m currently on post #7 of my new blog project, I’ll keep this post in mind if I start to become discouraged in the coming months.

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    1. Trying to find the motivation for blogging is not always easy, and it does not help the situation if your blog does not succeed as you have planned. Writing a blog is like a long-term investment in the stock market whose success is not worth looking at in the short term.

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  4. I agree that there is appoint, after you first start blogging, where you want to give up… I did too. Like, none of this really matters, why do I do it? I found that it matters to myself, and that is what makes me keep going. Plus, I don’t think I have reached apogee yet with my blogging, my web site, nor my online marketing. This is for me!

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