Online Marketing is the Future

Online marketing is a long-term investment

When I’m planning to write new articles, I know that I should always do the keyword research first, and identify the keyword that can bring me the most traffic. Then the first question will be that, how can I find the right content marketing keywords? I have not given these much thoughts before because I feel like I’m losing my mind and the whole idea when I am trying to build everything around the one keyword. I have previously written my articles first, and after that, I have done the keyword research. Now I decided to try something new I chose the keyword before I started to write my article, and let’s see how this will work.

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Stop Struggling With Yourself

How can I stop struggling with my writing?

Before I started blogging again, I made a plan for myself that after the tenth article, I will take the next step, and I will begin to gather the information together about online marketing. Now, after the ninth article, I am really struggling with writing. I feel like I’m not getting anything done. At the same time, I feel the pressure that I need to write more, and I feel like I have lost my motivation. I feel like it does matter what I do, I am not making any progress. But I’m not ready to give up yet, and in fact, I have experienced all of this before.

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Money Make Us Change

Memories can change our way of seeing

Watching my kids playing on the playground with other kids reminds me of my own childhood and how carefree everything was back then. The other kids didn’t care how I dressed or looked, they didn’t care how to perform at school or how much money my parents had. However, they did care about how I felt or they always asked me to play with them. If something change in our neighborhood they noticed the change and they were talking about it. I had a happy childhood and I know I’m lucky to be able to say that. As we grow up, we slowly begin, to see the world’s harsh realities.

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Making Money On The Internet

One of the great things about the Internet is that no matter where you live, as long you have an Internet connection, you can start making money. For many years, I have studied the possibilities of the Internet and making a prediction of what it will look in the future. I’ve also been really interested to find out more about the opportunities to making money on the Internet. The opportunities to making money online are endless. However, the Internet is also full of money-making scams which had not made anyone richer, but even poorer than they were before. Continue reading “Making Money On The Internet”

The Dream of Financial Freedom

You can easily think that financial freedom is only for the rich, but truthfully speaking, everyone can make their own investment towards financial freedom. No matter where you live or how much you earn money. After all, it’s all about the choices you made and how you are choosing to live. The first step is simple, you just need to save more money and spend less of it. I know that is not an easy goal for everyone and I’m struggling with this as well. Every day I need to make small sacrifices to save money, which can be used to improve our lives in the future. Continue reading “The Dream of Financial Freedom”

The Golden Rules of Blogging

Before I started writing and blogging again, I read hundreds of articles about blogging and the skills that help advance your blogging beyond mediocrity. I’ve found some good golden rules articles, but most of the content was full of self-replicating rules and click bait websites. Everyone just seems to have only one thing in mind, MONEY. The same content repeated all over again, with different wording and It really surprised me how strongly everything seemed to work around the money. The article’s main message was “how making money on blogging” and I think that has nothing to do with the golden rules.

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