We can not know if tomorrow is our last day.

We never know what tomorrow has decided for us.

Succeeding in different things can depend on small things, whether we succeeded or not. The same comes to our lives, that sometimes all can due on the small events, and we never know for sure that do we see tomorrow or is this our last day. It is better to live our lives one day at a time and enjoy each of our days like those would be our last ones.

I do not usually follow football (Soccer), but yesterday I had a chance to watch the European Championship football match Denmark against Finland, in which Finland won 1-0.

Why was this game so special?

I do not know if I have mentioned before that I come from Finland, and this football match against Denmark yesterday was the first major football tournament game ever in Finnish history. However, during the game, something even bigger happened. Something bigger than Finland’s first major football game or victory. Something which stopped millions of people from thinking about their life.  

What happened then in that game?

After 42 minutes of the game, Danish striker Christian Eriksen suffered a heart attack and fall to the ground. No one knew what had happened, whether he was alive, and what would happen next. Luckily, he survives, but the incident certainly stopped thousands of people from wondering about the event. I am one of those people.

There are some things in our life, which we can not influence, and we never know what the future is bringing to us. After events like this, the daily-based worries feel insignificant. I think it is better to live our lives day by day, and not worry about tomorrow, but I know it is not that simple. We humans easily worry too much about the small things, and because of that, we easily forget to enjoy the little joys of our lives.

Just remember to enjoy your life, and do not worry about things you can not influence. We never know what tomorrow has decided for us.

See you soon, thanks!


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