new goal, a new milestone

New goal, a new milestone!

Hello World!

It’s milestonemonger here and it’s time to reach another milestone!

The last year 2020 has gone by too fast and even I haven’t written anything here, there hasn’t been any single week I wouldn’t have thought about writing a blog. All the time I had a feeling, that I have something to tell, but I haven’t found a way how to express myself.

Almost every day I go through huge amounts of information. Gaming stuff, gaming ideas, researching different companies for investment purposes, the stock market in general, World politics and events, technology, etc. I’m addicted to information, researching, and studying new subjects.

My original purpose has been to start writing a blog about games and my development in game development. This goal is still progressing slowly, but surely. However, I have noticed to strayed to a side path. I found myself working in the IT sector for one big giant in the industry almost every day. I have also found myself spending a lot more of my free time researching the stock market and companies. After combining these all to the family life with the kids, I start to feel like there arent enough hours in the day.

I know that I do way too much work, but I can not stop now. I’m beginning to feel like I’m just getting started! I have a strong feeling that I could do something bigger or at least help someone else make better choices in their life with the information that I have learned during the years.

Now it’s time to turn the next page in the story and get to work.




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