Do We Live In The Past?

We live in the moment, and often we close our eyes for reality. Sometimes we are too afraid to see what is happening or what kind of challenges the future is bringing to us. We prefer to live in the past and dreaming of the thinks what we could have done differently. It is easy to retrospectively at things and sees the mistakes. Seeing those mistakes the current situation is much more challenging, and we probably won’t realize these errors until time has passed and its too late tho change the things.

We all make mistakes, and we will make more mistakes in the future. We are not robots, but luckily we can also learn from our mistakes. The person who had done something stupid a decades ago has most likely learned about the mistakes. We most likely think that the person is still the same if we haven’t seen him for decades. It is difficult to change that picture of the person even we should not think like he/she is still acting like the same way.

Each of us evolves every day, but our directions are different. If you write something on the paper today and read it after 5 years, you most likely don’t think the same way as today. Today you and I are not the same people that we were back then ten or twenty years ago. Still, people who haven’t seen us for a long time are most likely remembering us like we were back then. However, I cannot blame them because we all do the same thing more or less.



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