Long Time No See


It has been I while when I have written something for last time, and now I beginning to feel like I would like to write something again. When time passes, we start see things different perceptive than before. That remains us how our opinions and ideas are evolving all the time when we are learning more. It is a funny feeling when you start seeing things under the surface, and the blocks are starting to hit the places when we are looking at the overall picture.

That’s the sight that we are evolving, and when that happens all that you have written before, are beginning to feel like inadequate. Learning the thinks and starting to see thinks for different perspective will not happen at the moment, but in the long run, it begins to change us, and our thinking. It’s a long way, and everything that we have done in our path will remind us of what we have done, and how we have seen things before.

I begin to write this blog almost one year ago, mostly because I wanted to improve my writing skills because I’m not speaking English at native. Also, I wanted to slowly start talking about my game ideas and prepare myself to the upcoming challenges with our game projects. I also started to write about the online marketing, money making methods and social media, because I at the time I wanted to learn more about those things, and find out is there some opportunities that would suit me to earn a little extra income. However slowly I started to notice, that those things did not suit my purposes, and writing begins slowly take too much time and effort. When I got a feeling that writing is not funny anymore, I decided to take a small break. Now slowly I have a feeling that I would like to begin to write again, but this time I will set my own rules.

When I stop writing I didn’t feel that I would not like to write. I stop writing because I felt like it is taking too much time and effort, and now when I look back about those things I can easily see the problems. First of all, I was setting my self too many terms and conditions. Keywords, how long the article should be, the same subject, how I will share it in the social media, how the search engines will found my article, etc. The biggest issue was that I write about the ideas about what I was studying. So before I was apple to write an article, I needed to study the subject first, and that was slowly starting to take too much time and effort. When I did not have time to study the thinks, I got the feeling that I’m being left behind my schedule, and I’m not get anything done. That’s not the way how I would like to write my blog anymore, but I would not change anything. I learned a lot, and the only way to evolve yourself is to face the problems and try to continue your journey.

However I still feel like I would have something to tell to the world, but this time it will happen with my own rules. First of all, I have to realize that writing should be fun and I will enjoy it. I have already so many things to do when I’m working now one of the biggest companies in the world, then I want to use the time for our game project, and give time to my family. Also, I should not care about the rules of blogging so much. After all, I’m just writing to myself, and I should not give so much weight about things like keywords, social media, advertising etc. It would be awesome, If some people can get some ideas or knowledge out of my articles, but it does not happen before I can develop my content to a higher level.

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