Money changes us every day and we may not see it change.

Money Make Us Change

Memories can change our way of seeing

Watching my kids playing on the playground with other kids reminds me of my own childhood and how carefree everything was back then. The other kids didn’t care how I dressed or looked, they didn’t care how to perform at school or how much money my parents had. However, they did care about how I felt or they always asked me to play with them. If something change in our neighborhood they noticed the change and they were talking about it. I had a happy childhood and I know I’m lucky to be able to say that. As we grow up, we slowly begin, to see the world’s harsh realities.

When we were youngsters, we begin to create our friend groups, and we started to walk our own separate ways. At that time money didn’t mean too much, but it slowly started to affect us all and now when I’m thinking about that it’s quite clear that everything worked around money back then. We didn’t notice it because it was not our money that affected us. Our parents made choices for us and their ability and their willingness to spend money on us determined our way to where we are now. Most of the time parents know that is best for their children, but simple choices can make a big difference one way or another. The Importance of money is just something that grows on you as you get older, and every parent should be aware of this when they buy their children everything they want. I have no idea how I will teach this to my children, that you cannot buy everything and that money cannot buy happiness, but it can lead to happiness. Fortunately, I still have time to find the way how I will teach this to my own children.

The importance of money change in our life.
“The Importance of money is just something that grows on you as you get older.”

Back to the cold reality

Changing other people is something that we can not achieve, but I believe that everyone can change themselves if they really want to change and in fact, we are changing all the time. Every day is a new possibility to learn something new, and when we are learning, we are making ourselves open to new ideas and exploring different paths. The change will not happen in an instant, but it’s easier to recognize over time. For example, when you are meeting your old friends, which you have not seen since your school days, you may be surprised how much people have changed over the years. At first, we can only see the changes that we can see with our own eyes, but we should remember that the real change is a lot greater than we can actually see.

The funniest thing of all is that people think that you are still the same person you were before. If they didn’t like you before, they don’t like you now even they would now have any reason to do so. People remember your mistakes, not the good things you’ve done. That’s why a good first impression is a key to success, regardless of who you are, where you are from or what you do. In the past, I have wasted many great opportunities only because I didn’t give a good first impression. Afterward, it was easy to see that I was just too focused on the interviews and I didn’t know how to relax. That is the reason why making a good first impression is incredibly important because you only get one shot and if you fail, then you will not be able to do it again. If interviewers remember you as someone who didn’t interview well, why would they even interview you again for a future job?

I have not succeeded in my old career and now when I’m trying to achieve something new I can feel people’s doubts in me. I also notice that how some of my friends do not want to spend time with me and it’s very easy to see the reason for that. It’s not about that I have done something bad, it’s all about the money and how people things to benefit from each other. They are moving ahead with their careers, and when their time is limited, they begin to ignore everything that does not benefit them. There’s no reason to be bitter because I would probably act similarly in their situation. I am glad that my path took me here and I was able to experience the adversities of life. If I will be successful someday, I will not forget those friends who have supported me through the difficult times. There are not many of them left, but it just makes it easier to remember them, when the time comes that I can help them.


16 thoughts on “Money Make Us Change

  1. Money can change us, but I won’t let it. So long as we have enough to pay bills and have a little fun, I don’t stress about it. I concentrate on making sure my kids are happy and healthy!

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  2. Agree, money change us. I hope that money will not change me too much, or that they haven’t yet. I know that money is one of the reasons my and my husband fight. I’m glad that those fights are at least rare.

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  3. There are so many factors into what can make people change. Having people that support you through the good and the bad are true friends (and, of course, vice versa). Life’s too short to allow toxic/negative people to impact us. Hard pass on non-supportive friends.

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  4. That is the sad reality. Some people find something beneficial for them before they offer help pr friendship. Don’t be disheartened, do what you love and pursue your passion.

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  5. Your post really holds great value to us all. It is unfortunate how money can some for the good and the bad. I watch a lot of Snapped and Investigation Discovery shows, and it’s sad to see what money will make some people do. Thanks for the post!

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  6. Money is incredibly powerful. Having it and needing it changes ones perceptions of whether life is good or bad. It even affects your self-esteem. I chose to not let it rule me.

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  7. This post holds lots of honesty. If you are not beneficial to your friends and they are moving along with life chances are they will phase you out whether intentional or not. Teaching our kids about the value of money is very important. I will choose to teach my kids that unless you physically have the money in your account/hand we cannot buy an item.

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  8. Money is a great tool. It will help you to go to awesome places with conveniences. However never make money as your life, or have a very intimate relationship with it. It will ruin you to the core.

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    1. I agree money has two sides. It can transform people into monsters, but it can also be a great tool to improve your life. We should always keep in mind that money isn’t everything in our life.

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